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Wooden Assembly Sailboat 3D Model

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Product Description:
 The assembling process not only brings a lot of fun but also develops children’s logical thinking and problem-solving skills, focus, and concentration. It also awakens their desire to spend time mastering something great with hands. As a reward, they will win a sense of accomplishment and confidence after the assembly is finished, enhancing their self-confidence

Made of high-quality plywood, the installation instructions are on the back of the colorful cover.
  • Easy to assemble and no tool required. If some of the pieces can't keep stable, you can use glue (not included).
  • You will get large plywood with many small pieces, and a colorful cover with install instruction.
  • You can add color on the small pieces before and after installation, it can be a home decoration.


Material: Wood, 33*6*32cm

Approved ASTM and CE testing. Made of 100% Real Wood, Non-Toxic, Environment-friendly, Safe for Kids. Meets all specifications of European (EN-71) and American (ASTM) Toy Safety Standards.