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DIY 3D Robotime ROKR Wooden Mechanical Globe Puzzle

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Product Description:
Our 3D Wooden Globe Puzzle (147pcs DIY Rotatable 3D Globe Puzzle WT001 ) allows you to observe the Earth and understanding longitude and latitude more intuitively. Models help people to understand the principles of mechanics, through the self-assembly of motion models. They also contribute to developing logical thinking, enhancing attention and concentration skills as well as improving attention to detail skills.
  • Rotatable Globe - Follow the instruction in the manual to assemble tumbler wheel packs and spindles. Then you can rotate the globe slowly and observe its magic carefully.
  • Expertly Crafted - Our 3D Wooden Globe Puzzle is made from durable plywood and birch. With excellent levels of engineering and high-quality production process, the pieces are all laser-cut for precision, so your pieces will fit together to be engineered without an issue.
  • Best Material - Eco-friendly Wooden Globe will last for years and the constructions can be recycled with no harm to the environment. Also, every accessory is smoothly polished without burrs.
  • Easy Assembling - The detailed step-by-step instruction is included with each kit. Parts join together in an intact and sturdy manner without any glue or nails.




Age Range: Grownups
Warning: Be careful of the tiny unit and avoid to swallow
Gender: Unisex
Puzzle Style: 3D PUZZLE
Material: Wood
Style: Geometric Shape

Approved ASTM and CE testing. Made of 100% Real Wood, Non-Toxic,
Environment-friendly, Safe for Kids. Meets all specifications of
European (EN-71) and American (ASTM) Toy Safety Standards.