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About Us: Helping Kids

I build this company for the benefit of families and guardians of the children we cared for in our Orphanage, Watoto Kicheko in Arusha, Tanzania.  and .

I created the orphanage in 2013 and for five years we welcomed over 80 children: from new born babies to teens. Some of these stayed with us for a few weeks, others for a few years.

We also came to realization that the place for these kids is within the community and with their (extended) families. 

Wooden Puzzle Toys supports the communities and families who care for "our" children. We set this shop up for the love of our children, and those entrusted to us in our care in Tanzania.


In the store we selected wooden educational, cognitive toys, including specific Montessori schooling materials and toys. 

Wooden toys because they last longer. Cognitive toys because that engages a child. Educational toys because my community has always valued education as means to create prosperity , happiness and fulfillment. 

Furthermore, having given "our" children in the orphanage education showed is that we were giving them the possibility to create choices for themselves: it opened their minds, it opened possibilities and doors for them. 

Give a child the possibility to make choices in life is the aim of education.